Great Customer Service

Bartel Printing Company, Inc. has been awarded the Kosciusko County Business of the Year award!
At Bartel, we are dedicated to customer satisfaction. We are receptive to customer deadlines and specifications, while providing friendly and reliable service.

We believe each job is important—no matter the size—and we are willing to work with our customers to provide a superior product with an exceptionally fast turnaround.

A growing part of our company’s business has become the printing of personalized cards, invitations, and advertising material. In a digital age where text messages, emails, and instant messages consume our lives, we believe there is something nice, unique, and personal, about receiving a card or letter that you can hold in your hands.

Superior Quality

Our number one priority at Bartel is quality. We want our customers to be as happy as possible with what we produce. We provide this quality by keeping a clean working environment, strongly focusing on attention to detail, producing with a timely turnaround, offering delivery and shipping, and guaranteeing our customers’ satisfaction!


We are committed to being environmentally and socially responsible. We take care of our environment by using recycled paper whenever possible and by recycling our own paper waste. We help our neighbors by donating resources to local church groups, educational organizations, environmental groups, and other non-profit organizations.

Bartel continues to thrive because of our personal touch, commitment to quality and excellence, and family values.